Texty z alba Hvis Lyset Tar Oss (ENG)

4. května 2010 v 16:36 | Immortal Franklin |  Texty a překlady
What Once Was
Between the bushes we stared
At those who reminded us of another age
And told that hope was away
We heard elvensong and
Water that trickled
What once was is now
All the blood...
All the longing and pain that
Are away...
We are not dead...
We have never lived

If The Light Takes Us
A glade in the wood
Where the sun shines
Between the trees we are imprisoned
In this God's gladeIt burns it scorches
When the light licks our flesh
Goes toward the sky a smoke
A cloud of our form
Prisoners of the burials
Tormented by God's goodness
No flame no hate
They were right we have come to Hell

In The Castle Of The Dream
Between misty vales
Between gloomy mountains
Under gray clouds
In the black night
On a proud horse
In black clothes
Strong weapons at hand
The infinity with dead trees
An eternity of cold
Over stone and wood
In the shadows...
Out from the mist
Out from darkness
Out from the big shadows of the mountain
The castle of the dream...
So ends the ride
That lasted a lifetime
For the master goes (in the castle of the dream)


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